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"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong." -

Grace and peace unto you!

Today's world is changing from day to day with many occurrences of evil wrecking havoc on society as a whole. Terrorism, mass shootings, gun related violence, hate-filled incidences, and spiritual attacks on religion are a few forces of evil on the rise and garnering news headlines all over the world. Our determination to continue to allow our faith in the Lord to navigate and defeat the changes is being challenged from all sides. It is at this point today, where we must prevail against evil and do something to accomplish this - that something is STANDING UP for Jesus!

Although, some of us are faced with trials and tribulations in life that seems to make it impossible to go on and others are looking for additional ways to continue to have life, STANDING UP for Jesus can make all the difference in either of those scenarios. In order to endure to the end, all we have to do is STAND together and STAND on the Word of God!

"Stand firm, and you will win life." - Luke 21:19

As we take each day one by one, our strong faith in Jesus helps us to stay strong. By staying strong, we are able to spread the Word of God to create change in the world. To create change, we must pray without ceasing and utilize every opportunity to glorify the Lord and the many blessings He bestows upon us. He is the answer to the issues we are witnessing. With Satan roaming the world wanting to kill, steal and destroy, it's time to take heed and make a commitment today to receive Him and STAND UP!

Saints, regardless of the circumstances, we must encourage others to STAND UP for Jesus. We need to be on the Lord's side in the fight against evil. We must be confident and STAND UP today. If we STAND in harmony and unity, victory will be ours. Let's STAND on the Word of God. Let's STAND UP for Jesus!

Stay strong!

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