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Our Pastor

Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock

Christopher Alan Bullock is a native of Wichita, Kansas, with ancestral roots in the Manchester Community of Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He has dedicated his life to serving his community and promoting social justice. Dr. Bullock's journey in pastoral ministry began at the historic Eighth Street Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Also, he served as a Delaware State Commissioner on Public Integrity and Commission on Minority Health, actively working towards fostering integrity and promoting the well-being of marginalized communities.


Dr. Bullock served as the Pastor of the Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. Recognizing his leadership and commitment to civil rights, he was elected President of the Chicago Southside Branch of the NAACP. Additionally, he was appointed as an Illinois State Commissioner on Discrimination and Hate Crimes, advocating for the rights of individuals facing discrimination.


Since 2004, Dr. Bullock has been the inaugural Pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church in Delaware. The mission of Canaan is to do Ministry for the Master. Canaan is a vibrant community welcoming people from various backgrounds, including the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. In 2012, Dr. Bullock achieved another significant milestone when he became the first African American elected New Castle County Council President. In this role, he worked diligently to address community needs and promote equality. Dr. Bullock has also held positions such as president of the Delaware Black Caucus and National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. board member.


Dr. Bullock's academic achievements include earning a Doctor of Ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary, specializing in Black Church Leadership in the Urban Context. He pursued further studies at Harvard University Divinity School. Additionally, he holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Colgate-Rochester Divinity School/Crozer Seminary, with a concentration in Black Church Theology. He obtained a Bachelor of Social Work in criminal justice from the University of Alaska-Anchorage. As an author, Dr. Bullock has written two books: "The Social Mission of the Black Church: A Call to Action" and "A Charge to Keep." These works reflect his passion for social justice and challenge the Black church to return to its activist roots. In 2023, Dr. Bullock received a special honor while on a preaching mission in Liberia, West Africa. The Chief of the local Kpelle Tribe gowned him at the Liberian Baptist Convention and bestowed upon him the name "JUTONU," meaning "One who responds."


Dr. Bullock has been married to Rev. Dr. Debbie Ardella Strickling-Bullock since 1987. They are blessed with two sons, Benjamin Ellis Bullock and Daniel Alan Bullock, and three grandchildren: Daniel Christopher Bullock, Isaiah Benjamin Bullock, and Isabella Joenelle Bullock.

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