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We Are Blessed

We are blessed by God to have the opportunity to make a difference in the life our church,

congregation and community! We are grateful to God for those that made our current facilities possible as we embrace the vision of the new facilities to come! We are thankful for God to be able to serve in this great campaign effort and look forward

to sharing an equal sacrifice!

As our thriving church continues to grow, we are preparing to meet the new and

challenging needs with the Arise and Build campaign. One challenge before us now is

giving thanks for the blessings God has shared with us. Through prayers, support and

financial commitment, we can make this capital campaign a success. We are a team in this

spiritual journey and each member is vital in succeeding in this campaign. Beloved, right

now, we are energized and gaining momentum as we continue moving forward

Undoubtedly, our partnership with God to enhance this facility to the needs of the church,

congregation and community is truly amazing. God is blessing our church and constantly

at work around us. We are here because of our faith in God. Not only will He demonstrate

His faithfulness in surprising and wonderful ways, but God will accomplish this

opportunity on schedule. Won't it be exciting to see what God will do through us in the

months ahead?

Rejoice, Canaan, and celebrate as we invest in our legacy for future generations to come.

The moment has come to step out on faith. God will guide us. The new building will

provide a place for the people in our community to hear and respond to the gospel; engage our youth in a meaningful environment where they can grow in Christ; provide a safe place for fellowship and community events;; create a counseling and recovery environment that helps many people in times of crisis and difficulty; and, enhance all ministries in their mission and growth.

In closing, I urge each one to continue their commitment wholeheartedly in the Arise and

Build campaign. With God, we can succeed together in prayer, faith and fellowship. Let's

keep our church in daily prayers, as we seek God's lead. Pray about the vision. Pray to

know God's will in this building campaign. Trust God! When we do, God will do his part!

We are truly in a great place knowing God.

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