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How to Request Financial Assistance

Step 1:

Send the following required information via e-mail to:


  1. Name

  2. Detailed description of financial need situation

  3. Amount Requested

  4. Other organizations contacted for financial assistance.

  5. Amount received from Canaan’s Benevolence Ministry within the last 12 months (if applicable). 


For technology challenged individuals and families or those who do not have access to e-mail or the Internet, please call 302-654-8818, option #4 and leave a message with name and phone number in the Benevolence Ministry voice mailbox.

The Benevolence Ministry will review the submitted information upon receipt and respond to the applicant with a decision and next steps, if approved.  Please be patient as help is on the way.


  • Financial assistance payments will be made directly to the creditor.

  • ​Financial assistance is not available for Security deposit or first month rent; TV Cable, Internet, or phone bill; and car or mortgage payment.

  • Benevolence Ministry does not make loans.

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